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Visits, Sales, Turnover, Profit all Boosted by SEO

No experience in web design is necessary… If you can edit text in Microsoft Word and surf the net, then you can do what I did!

Why pay “experts” many hundreds (or thousands!) to get you noticed in the search engines when you can learn the skills yourself in just one day and apply it to ANY business?!

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+  Excellent, and worth every penny, if you own an online business. Invaluable.

From: Christopher Evans

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Two years ago, my business internet presence was modest at best. Yes, my website generated a few customers and was a nice addition to my direct sales efforts, but I knew I was only seeing the tip of the potential iceberg.  I knew it could perform much better if only I could get more of the right kind of people to visit.

I felt that paying for online advertising was unnecessarily expensive and risky, when the companies at the top of the search engine rankings were getting so many targeted visitors for free.  So I decided to take massive action!

I spent weeks doing extensive research, reading any information I could find, purchasing marketing information from the latest “Gurus”, trying to find the common thread which led to great search engine rankings.

I have stripped away all the filler to give you pure unadulterated FAST TRACK information that gets results!

After stripping away the filler and extracting the key ingredients I formulated a plan of action. Within the month, my site was ranking better, but each month I learned new techniques to add to the mix and the resulting increase in visitors was almost exponential – which more than doubled my average monthly business profits in little over 3 months!  My website changed from a sales sideline to the dominant performer. I currently don’t even need to pursue direct sales techniques because I almost have too many orders to cope with unless I take on more staff!

(Update:  I am currently recruiting and building sites in multiple niches!  Having a collection of sites making 5 figure monthly sales is a great incentive to rinse and repeat this knowledge!)

Take a look at what happened to my sales, turnover and profit at the exact same time! The change was EXTRAORDINARY!

Sales, Turnover and Profit

This is no joke!  These are real stats.

I have proven to myself and others that I have cracked the code to ranking highly in the main search engines regardless of what kind of business it is for. In fact, whenever I look at other business websites I often groan to myself when I see the mistakes or missing elements which could rocket them to the top. EVERY business needs to know what I know!

More importantly, you can rank even faster than I did by utilising all of my strategies, automations and short cuts at once, rather than building them up over time…

Google, Yahoo and MSN account for over 90% of all UK / USA internet searches between them, so if your website isn’t on the first page of each then you are seriously missing out on targeted visitors who are looking for what you have to offer.

I now have over 1000 first page listings for some great key phrases – including the top 3 most sought-after key word phrases in my industry. But I am gunning for 2000, so watch this space!  (I already have over 400 second page rankings which I didn’t even mention, so I am sure it is possible).  Watch my Proof video below to see inside my search engine rank checking software. (Opens in a new window)

Click this video image for Proof of my Search Engine Rankings!

Click this video image for Proof of my Search Engine Rankings!

Watch the video above which shows PROOF that I have over 400 NUMBER 1 positions across Google, Yahoo and MSN!  Not just first page, but number 1 spot!  I have over 200 position 2′s, over 120 position 3′s… and the list goes on!  And this is just one of my sites.

But in the meantime, I want to help YOU do the same for YOUR business!

Just take a look at my second web site’s statistics – I was making sales from free organic Google traffic by day 3!!  This formula works over and over and over!

Web Site Page Views

A screen shot from another of my web sites.

As they say, success leaves clues, so why try to reinvent the wheel when you can learn everything I do from my tutorial videos and training audios.  Let me keep you up to speed with the latest internet marketing breakthroughs with all of the filler removed!

There is so much misinformation out there on the subject of success with search engines because the algorithms that the search engines use are constantly evolving and changing, but certain things DO stay the same and are basically common sense.

I am often approached by web site designers offering me the earth for a few hundred / thousand pounds, but after 3 attempts (and several thousand pounds down) I am yet to find one who can properly deliver the FULL package. I am sure many other people will have found the same.  Have you?

So my offer is simple: I am NOT an IT professional, I am NOT a web designer – I am just a bricks ‘n’ mortar business owner who has learned EXACTLY how to get great results from the search engines – and I would welcome the opportunity to share this information with you!

In fact, my dominant Google first page positions for my main business has led to me providing expert commentary on National Television News, National Radio, the Financial Times and numerous other media formats.

This is something EVERY business needs – but even better than that you can:

Limited Time Only: Experience my online video and audio tutorials for an entire WEEK for just £97 £7.

Yes, that’s right!  A whole week’s access to all of my training tutorials on search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising, split testing and conversion improvement, affiliate marketing, business structure and automation and more for just £97 £7.  Then, if you would like to continue to have access to all the fantastic monthly content (which I constantly add to), simply do nothing and you can keep your access for just £39 per month until you cancel.

Of course, I have to limit the number of customers at this give away price – so make sure you are among the lucky few before the price goes up or before I close the doors.

Before I launched my online tutorials, I used to sell tickets for a half day live training seminar for £249 plus VAT per person and 1 on 1 full day workshops for £749 plus VAT – so trialling my online tutorials for just £7 is OUTSTANDING VALUE.

So why choose online video and audio tutorials as the format?  Because it is the best way to learn!

I considered writing an ebook with this information, but the internet is so flooded with self appointed “Gurus” that I felt it would be hard for people to separate good content from bad. Equally, reading some how-to information is TOTALLY different from having it all explained in minute detail by someone in the flesh.

I know my tutorials are an EXPERIENCE – one which marks a real turning point for my delegates. In fact, I am sure that I can provide a real “AHA!” moment for anyone with a business website who ever wondered and wanted to know how search engine ranking is achieved.  I’m a big fan of Tony / Anthony Robins and I aim to give to you life changing internet marketing skills in the same way he does for personal development.

I am an experienced consultant / trainer in my own field, so training comes as second nature to me.  Given that my clients spend hundreds or thousands for my time, I always make sure I give great value.

I have designed my tutorials with technophobic amateurs in mind – in other words, completely in layman’s terms! Of course if you have some level of experience, (or even a great deal of experience) then this information is still for you. But honestly, as long as you can cut, paste and edit text in Microsoft Word and surf the web comfortably then you can do everything necessary to build up your website’s presence online. i.e. Make money and gain customers from your web site.

Even if you don’t yet have a website, I cover how to get the ball rolling. A Small Part of my strategy also involves setting up multiple sites so that when you hit page 1 of the search engines you do so several times! Why aim for position number 1 on Google, when you can have position 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 and 10 on the first page like I do for one of the products I sell?

Investing in this information will maximise your profits and take your business to the next level.

Without going into detail, I cover both on-page factors (things you can change or add to your site), off-page factors (things you can do elsewhere on the internet to help your site) and crucially the order and rate at which you should do it. The result is steady but consistent rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN which improve weekly and most importantly STAY there.  Better yet, all of my techniques can be done without spending a penny – they are totally FREE!!

This is the ultimate course for internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) for any business.  Forget pay per click advertising (PPC) when you can have FREE organic search engine traffic.

So how do I get this fabulous training?

Limited Time Offer: Simply sign up for my 7 day trial for £97 £7 for immediate access any time, day or night.

Then, if you would like to continue to have access to all the fantastic monthly content (which I constantly add to), simply do nothing and you can keep your access for just £39 per month until you cancel.

I am 100% CERTAIN (yes, that’s right, I said certain!) that after applying the knowledge learned on my tutorials, your website will rank higher on Google, Yahoo and MSN

For less competitive keywords this will be easy, but even the most competitive phrases are possible if you continue to apply my techniques. After all, those sites at the top only got there from doing exactly what I teach. If you do MORE of what they do, you will rank higher!

So my guarantee is this: I am so absolutely 100% certain that your website will improve it’s rankings and that you will learn valuable strategies from the tutorials that if you do not see improvement in your rankings after 8 weeks of applying my techniques I will give you 1 whole hour of personal consultancy via telephone to put things on the right track.

If after applying my techniques for a further 8 weeks, your site still isn’t significantly improved in traffic and rankings, I will GLADLY give you 100% refund on your trial membership cost. I KNOW my techniques work, now all you need to do is invest in your education for success.

I spent a while considering what would be a fair price for this golden information. Of course, I more than doubled my monthly profits within 3 months when I started to implement my system, so I know how much difference this can make to other businesses.

Web designers also charge big budget fees to design a site and to promote it, (many hundreds, if not thousands of pounds) so I feel that this price is more than reasonable.

  • Those I have shared this information with so far have advised me to charge £1000+ for it, but I want to make it accessible to EVERY business.  But the £7 trial offer cannot last.

Look at it this way… £97 £7 is really a drop in the ocean (just a pound a day!) to be able to learn exactly how I achieved over 1000 first page positions on Google, Yahoo and MSN without spending a penny on advertising! You will be able to start using it right away to improve your profits and your lifestyle!

Take your 7 day trial RIGHT NOW to ensure your position – I cannot offer this forever!

You Really Can’t Afford Not To Invest In my tutorials… Just look at what I cover!

  • Search Engine Optimisation – Millions of visitors with money to spend – how to get them to spend it with you!
  • Pay Per Click- the wrong way and the right way!  And how to test your way to SEO riches!
  • Email Marketing – Market to your prospects on autopilot!
  • Affiliate Marketing – 97% of your traffic won’t buy right away, but can you sell them something else?
  • Your own Affiliate Programme? – Yes, how to gather an army of affiliates to sell your offer for you!
  • Optimum Business and Sales Funnel Structure – Upsell, Cross Sell, Down Sell, Continuity – how to multiply your customer value!
  • Automation – Forget working into the small hours if you can automate or outsource!
  • Split Testing and Improving Conversion – Don’t leave any more money on the table!
  • Analytics and using the data to EXPLODE your income!
  • And MORE – You will have ongoing access to all of my thoughts, experiments, results and knowledge.

It’s easy to get started right away. Just click on the link below.

Limited time offer: Click to get instant access right now for only £97 £7 (even if it’s 3:00 in the morning).

Then, if you would like to continue to have access to all the fantastic monthly content (which I constantly add to), simply do nothing and you can keep your access for just £39 per month until you cancel.

Yes , I Just Have To Have This Incredible Package! Count Me In Right Now before you remove this amazing offer!

It’s Easy To Order…

All kinds of cards accepted!

Get your 7 Day Trial for Just £7!

In my opinion, knowledge is power. If you want your website to rank well, don’t spend money on having an “expert” work on it for you with no guarantee of their results… when you can become the “REAL” expert! Watch my tutorials to put yourself in the driving seat.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to try my 1 week trial?



Christopher Evans

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P.S. Based upon the amazing success I have had from my 1000+ first page listings on Google, Yahoo and MSN, I firmly believe that this knowledge comes right after reading, writing and arithmetic! You’ve heard the saying that people must learn their 3 “R”s, well Ranking is the fourth “R”!

P.P.S Given that my main business is so busy at the moment, and that this is such a CRAZY CHEAP OFFER, I have no idea how long I will be able to keep this offer running -  So book right away to avoid disappointment!

Latest feedback for this package:

+ Excellent, and worth every penny, if you own an online business.  Invaluable.